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The novel coronavirus – which emerged in the central China city of Wuhan in December 2019 and has since been declared a pandemic – has literally upended our world. The COVID-19 respiratory illness caused by the mysterious contagion has so far infected over one million people, with over 50,000 dead, in all continents of the world barring Antarctica.

Though the deadly infestation has been contained by the Chinese government in Wuhan, the virus is now spreading elsewhere, especially in Europe and the United States, with the World Health Organisation declaring Europe as the new epicentre of the viral disease.

Pakistan, despite its close proximity with China, remained unscathed until Feb 26 when a young man from Karachi tested positive for the novel coronavirus. He had contracted the virus in Iran where he was on a religious pilgrimage. After a brief pause following the first case, COVID-19 cases witnessed a sharp surge as more pilgrims returning from Iran tested positive.

By late March, the nationwide tally of corona-positive cases soared past 2,000 with over 600 cases in Sindh and Punjab each, more than 180 in Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan, over 50 in Islamabad and single digits in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Since the situation remains highly fluid, the stats are changing fast and we’re updating them accordingly.

Latest on the spread of coronavirus 

WHO declares coronavirus outbreak as 'pandemic'

Impossible to say when Covid-19 pandemic will peak: WHO

Pakistan's COVID-19 crisis: State of (un)readiness

Cases and recoveries in Pakistan

The number of confirmed cases in Pakistan has soared past 2,000 - highest in South Asian. By late March, the virus claimed over 11 lives. 

The figures are  largely driven by a wave of pilgrims returning from Iran who Pakistani authorities said were inadequately tested and improperly isolated. 

The Express Tribune brings you the updates figures of confirmed cases, recovered patients and death toll. 

Last updated April 6 at 3:30pm
Source: Federal and provincial governments of Pakistan

Daily situational report: COVID-19 in Pakistan 

April 6: Pakistan's tally cross 3,200

April 5: COVID-19 claims 50 lives

April 4: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally soars past 2,800

Three policemen test positive

April 3: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally soars past 2,600

April 2: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally tops 2,300

April 1: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally crosses 2,000

April 1: Hyderabad has most local transmission

March 31: Pakistan's  COVID-19 death toll reaches 25

March 30: 27 COVID-19 patients recover in Sindh

March 30 : Pakistan's COVID-19 tally soars past 1,700

March 29: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally soars past 1,500

March 29: Pakistani students in Italy share ordeal

March 28: LNH doctor tests positive

March 28: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally soars past 1,400

March 28: Mardan’s SP operations tests positive for virus

March 27: MPA among K-P's 53 new cases

March 27: Pakistan's death toll reaches 10

March 26: Doctors at Sukkur quarantine tests positive

March 25: Three patients recover in K-P

March 26: Pakistan's tally crosses 1,100

March 25: Three journalists test positive

March 24: Pakistan's tally at 878

March 23: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally crosses 800

March 22: Mardan’s COVID-19 victim infected five people

March 21: G-B confirms first COVID-19 death

March 22: Pakistan confirms 4th COVID-19 death

March 22: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally tops 600

March 21: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally tops 700

March 21: Sindh revises COVID-19 figures to 292

March 21: Balochistan confirms first COVID-19 death

March 22: Shehbaz goes into self-quarantine

March 20: Pakistan reports third COVID-19 death

March 20: Sindh reports first COVID-19 death

March 19: Pakistan’s coronavirus tally cross 450

March 18: Shah Mehmood Qureshi goes into self-isolation

March 18: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally crosses 250

March 18: Pakistan confirms first two COVID-19 deaths

March 17: Pakistan's tally hits 237

March 16: Sindh confirms 41 new COVID-19 cases

March 16: K-P reports first 15 confirmed cases 

March 15: Pakistan confirms 20 COVID-19 cases in a day 

March 14: Five new COVID-19 cases reported 

March 13: 7 new cases surface in Taftan

March 11: Second case emerges in Gilgit-Baltistan

March 13: Sindh confirms 15th covid-19 case

March 11: Balochistan confirms first covid-19 case


March 10: Nine new COVID-19 cases in Sindh

March 8: Seventh case confirmed

Pakistan's 1st patient discharged

Feb 26: First 2 COVID-10 cases confirmed

Tales of survivors

From being diagnosed to being treated as a pariah and then emerging healthy, Yahya Jaffrey shares his COVID-19 ordeal
"I had never seen doctors dressed like aliens before..."
"Isolation scared me more than the virus."
"I spent the two weeks exasperated by rumours."

Heroes: On the frontline of the fight against COVID-19

Pakistan-origin doctor on the frontline of UK's fight against COVID-19
Donors step up fight

Pakistan's plan against Covid-19 outbreak

Pakistan has more than 2,000 confirmed infections, the highest number in South Asia. Nine people have died. Many parts of the country have imposed lockdowns, but authorities say they have struggled to get people to cooperate due to a lack of awareness.

Follow our coverage of the federal and provincial authorities, and citizens' fight to contain the virus outbreak.

Pakistan's action plan against COVID-19 outbreak 

'Ghabrana nahin hai," PM Imran addresses nation 

April 6: Pak-Afg border reopened temporarily

April 6: Pakistanis in UAE seek to return home

April 5: Parliament committee on COVID-19 meets for the first time

April 5: Lockdown helped slow virus spread

April 5: Pay no heed to online rumours, says Imran

April 4:  Huge decline witnessed in outdoor activities

April 4: Stranded Afghans given four-day window to leave

April 4: We're walking a tight rope, says PM Imran

April 4: Pakistan fears COVID-19 tally may top 50K by month end

April 4: Can't afford indefinite lockdown, says ISPR

April 3: Need to render untiring efforts, says PM Imran

April 3: Pakistan to quarantine tableeghi jamaat members

April 3: Two PIA plane fly to Toronto with stranded passengers

April 2: Pakistan's first COVID-19 patient donates blood

April 2: SC seeks report on COVID-19 measures 

April 2: Domestic flights remain grounded till April 11

April 1: Medics to get PPE on priority, says PM Imran

April 1: Army to guard border between people & virus

April 1: Virus restrictions to remain till April 14

Amir Khan donates Rs40m in COVID-19 fight

April 2: Pakistan to switch to Chinese model of social distancing 

April 1: PIA to partially resume flights 

March 31: Pakistan may be hardest hit by pandemic, says UN

March 30: Chinese doctors advice lost in translation

March 29: Pakistan extends border closure

March 29: PML-N sets up virus  fund

March 29: Chinese doctors arrive in Pakistan

March 28: SC irked over IHC decision to release UTPs

March 28: INGOs allowed to operate conditionally

March 28: Lack of PPE puts doctors at risk in Pakistan

March 27: NCC lifts ban on goods transport

March 27: Govt puts off sale of assets

March 27: Erdogan Trust joins Pakistan's fight against COVID-19

March 26: Centre allows Mosques to stay open

March 26: PM Imran goes offline without listening to opposition leaders

March 26: Pakistan plans COVID-19 Secretariat

March 26: 'Suspected cases being turned away'

March 25: Ulema issue fatwa banning congregational prayers

March 25: Virtual federal cabinet meeting

March 24: Pakistan suspends train servcice

March 24: US backs Pakistan's COVID-19 fight

March 24: SC refuses to close courts 

March 24: Centre, provinces at loggerheads

March 23: PM Imran green-lights economic relief

March 23: Army called in to fight pandemic

March 22: Special corps commanders conference reviews COVID-19 spread

March 22: PM Imran urges self-quaratine

March 22: Staggered suspension of train service announced in Pakistan

 March 21: Pakistan in diplomatic push to lift US curbs on Iran

March 21: Pakistan suspends international flights

March 21: COAS asks people to be 'responsible'

 March 21: Pakistan in diplomatic push to lift US curbs on Iran

March 20: PM Imran Khan orders reopening of border with Afghanistan

March 20: 'People should self-quarantine for 45 days'

 March 20: Pakistan Army fully determined to curb coronavirus: DG ISPR

March 20: Pakistan rules out viral outbreak delaying CPEC

March 20: Around 2,000 Pakistanis still stranded in Iran

 March 19: Pakistan seals Wagah Border

March 19: Pakistan makes COVID-19 test must for international passengers

 March 19: Partial lockdown in Sindh, Punjab, K-P as Pakistan fights COVID-19

March 15: CAA orders disinfection of aircraft between flights

March 14: Mosques told to raise COVID-19 awareness 

March 14: Virus fear resurrects moribund SAARC

March 13: Pakistan seals borders, limits flight operations 

March 1: Pakistan sets up scanners at major airports

Islamabad Capital Territory 

Tracking the federal govt's measures in the federal capital

April 5: Covid-19 helps pollen season pass easily

April 5: Sunday markets spring across Pindi

April 4: Lal Masjid cleric booked for violating COVID-19 ban

April 4: Thermal walk-through gates in Rawalpindi

April 4: Traders demand relaxation in lockdown

April 1: 19 caught sneaking out of lockdown

March 26: Two more streets sealed in Rawalpindi

March 25: Islamabad pays no heed to isolation directives

March 22: Islamabad's empty roads say it all

March 15: Islamabad shuts down amid COVID-19 fear


Tracking the provincial govt's preventive measures in Punjab

April  6:  Lockdown makes life unbearable

April  6: telemedicine centre receives 2,700 calss

April  6: Multan quarantine to host 1,700 pilgrims

April  5: Essential items disappear from market

April 5: Industries with export orders to resume operations

April 4:  Govt finalises distribution plan

March 31:Pakistan's first walkthrough sanitiser gate

April 3: 'Make citizens walk back home as punishment'

April 2: Shehbaz urges businessmen to help daily-wagers

April 2: Flour shortage prevails 

April 2: LHC launches email system for bails

April 1: Social distancing extended to police

April 4:  Walkthrough disinfection gates installed at vegetable markets

April 3: 'Make citizens walk back home as punishment'

April 2: Shehbaz urges businessmen to help daily-wagers

April 2: Flour shortage prevails 

April 2: LHC launches email system for bails

April 1: Social distancing extended to police

March 31:Pakistan's first walkthrough sanitiser gate

Punjab studies chloroquine

March 31: Families wary of delay in medical reports

March 28: 3 localities quarantined in Rawalpindi

March 27: Punjab overtakes Sindh in COVID-19 cases

March 24: 1,300 pilgrims untested in Multan

March 25: Punjab to recruit 10,000 doctors

March 23: Punjab extends lockdown

March 22: Faisalabad wakes up to life under 'lockdown'

March 21: Punjab announces 3-day lockdown

March 20: Punjab bans social gatherings at home

March 19: Punjab govt bans inter-provincial public transport heading towards Sindh

March 13: Punjab declares health emergency


Tracking the provincial govt's preventive measures.

April 6: Doctors to boycottif not provided PPE

April 6: Karachi's cobbler  strive to make ends meet

April 5: PIA halts operations from Karachi 

April 5: CM urges social distancing till Apr 14

April 5: Lockdown deprives critical patients 

April 4: Sindh clears three labs for PCR testing

April 4: Prioritise doctor's protection

April 4: prayer leader, others sent to jail over lockdown violation

April 4: 2 arrested for transporting labourers 

April 3: Lack data hinders Sindh govt's financial assistance

April 3: Schools to open for payments

April 2: Lyari residents protest lack of relief

April 2: Civil-military huddle miffed at delayed relief

April 2: Quarantine facility at Expo centre opens

April 2: Doctors decry lack of safety kits

April 1: Hospitals still treating patients

April 1: Sindh to go under full lockdown on Friday

March 31: 5 graveyards designated for COVID-19 victims

March 31: Isolation takes a toll on fishermen community

March 30: Sindh govt relaxes pet shop restrictions

March 30: Edhi reopens morgues

March 29: 35 booked for defying congregational prayers ban

March 29: Sindh to establish 14 CCUs

March 27: Police to devise burial plan

March 27: Edhi shuts morgues

March 27: Lockdown spells trouble for pet owners in Karachi

March 26: Sindh restricts congregational prayers

March 26: From Talhar to Karachi, chalk circles help customers mind the gap

March 26: Sindh to release minor offenders

March 26: Sindh to give rations with NGOs help

March 25: Karachi’s rich unstring their purses

March 22: Total lockdown in Sindh for 15 days

March 21: Sindh seeks military in aid of civil power

March 21: 2 arrested in Karachi for violating COVID-19 ban

March 21: AKUH closes temporarily due to overcapacity

March 20: Sindh CM recommends '3-day sefl-isolation'

March 19: Karachi's Expo to become 10,000-bed isolation center

March 19: As shops shut down in virus fright, some defy Sindh govt orders

March 17: Sindh edges towards virus lockdown


Tracking the provincial govt's preventive measures

April 6: Manga steps out of lockdown

April 5: Telemedicine services rescue patients in K-P

April 4: K-P extends public holidays

April 2: K-P govt asked to pay for prisoners release

April 2: Chitral valley sealed

April 1: OPDs shut across K-P for 13 days

April 1: K-P extends school closure

March 28: K-P announces Rs11bn relief package

March 26: Doctor up in arms against PPE shortage

March 22: Rescue agency to disinfect entire Peshawar city to stem coronavirus spread

March 21: K-P doctors offer services in fight against COVID-19

March 19: Mardan UC under lockdown after first COVID-19 death

March 4: K-P declares health emergency


Tracking the provincial govt's preventive measures

April 5: 44 doctors suspended for not showing on duty

April 4: Govt approves relief package

April 3: Balochistan has 80 ventilators 

April 2: Khan says there won't be shortage of food

April 1: No record of pilgrims entering Pakistan until last week, says Khan

March 27: Balochistan CM seeks medical assistance from Centre

March 25: Balochistan under lockdown

March 23: Medical city planned in Quetta as cases spike

March 22: Balochistan braces for another batch of pilgrims 

March 22: Balochistan govt seeks army deployment amid surge in COVID-19 cases

 March 21: Balochistan govt imposes health emergency

March 21: Quarantined pilgrims join volunteers in protest at Sukkur isolation centre

 March 18: ‘1,000 pilgrims dispatched back to home provinces’

March 16: Taftan quarantine centre devoid of facilities


Tracking the govt's preventive measures

April 2: Delhi adavncing despite virus, says AJK PM

April 2: G-B CM seeks Imran's help to bring back stranded citizens

March 27: GB receives medical aid

March 25: G-B tightens lockdown

March 22: G-B declares lockdown

March 21: G-B imposes Section 144

Cancelled: How the virus made the world change plans

How the covid-19 has hit global sport

April 1: Saudi Arabia asks Muslims to put Hajj on hold

March 23: Cambridge cancels international exams

March 17: HBL PSL 5 postponed indefinitely

April 2: Lal Shahbaz Qalendar Urs cancelled

April 5: Disney shuffles film releases

March 18: O, A-Level exams postponed in Pakistan

Economic impact of the virus

COVID-19 forecast to render 1.8m jobless

Is work from home here to stay?

COVID-19 pushes all of Pakistan's developments

Pakistan hints at delaying LNG privatisation

KCCI demand tax relief

World Bank sees Pakistan's growth sliding

Trade deficits contracts 26.5%

Chemical importers seek relief

Demand for free internet can lead to no internet

Moody's cuts Pakistan's growth forecast

Economists press Pakistan govt to ease economic policy

E-commerce platforms demand free movement during lockdown

PSX seks investment from state

April 2: Oil jumps on hopes for end to Sauid-Russia war

April 1: Pakistan seeks foreign loans to fight COVID-19

April 1: Finance ministry unable quantify virus impact

COVID-19 may cut global tech spending

April 1: PTI govt mulls shutting all but two oil refineries 

March 31: PTI govt approves Rs1.2tr stimulus package

April 1: Businesses unable to pay salaries

March 31: Sindh establishes emergency fund

March 30: Imran establishes relief fund

March 29: KSE-100 dives 8% as virus ravages economy 

March 29: Daily -wage earners await relief funds

March 28: Pakistan's economic activities continue amid lockdown

March 27: Pakistan may seek debt moratorium

March 27: SBP issues relief package to households, businesses

March 27: National Refinery shuts down as oil demand drops due to pandemic

March 27: Food crisis looms as fear of coronavirus disrupts supply chain

March 26: Pakistan reaches out to rich nations

March 27: Shortage to force Pakistan's pharma sector to close units

March 26: Pakistan seeks $3.7b more in loans


March 26: COVID-19 victims family to get Rs12,000

March 26: SBP relaxes import rules amid outbreak

March 26: Demand for food surges 

March 25: IMF, World Bank call for suspending debt payments by poorest nations

March 24: PSX to begin trading at 11am

March 23: K-P tourism industry takes a hit

March 23: SBP to disinfect cash

March 23: PSX activates system for brokers to WFH

March 23: Despite virus, Sino-Pak trade booms

March 23: Aviation sector braces for Rs25b loss

March 23: Grocers unclear on how to work under Sindh lockdown

March 22: Lockdown to leave people jobless in Pakistan

March 21: FM Qureshi calls for debt write-off relief to developing nations

March 21: In Pakistan, research houses slash stock market growth forecasts

 March 20: US to provide $1m to Pakistan to combat COVID-19

March 20: World markets rally on huge economic support plans

March 19: State Bank eases digital payments amid coronavirus crisis

 March 19: K-P may cut development budget to fight COVID-19

March 19: ADB offers Pakistan $350m to fight virus

March 18: Pakistan, World Bank in talks for $200 million loan

March 17: Panic buying in wake of virus

Govts around the world step up economic response to coronavirus

Panic buying follows coronavirus across the globe

Coronavirus forces authorities to close tourist spots in Punjab

Pharma industry fears shortage of raw material amid COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 lockdown & the air we breath

The lockdown to curtail the proliferation of the novel coronavirus has had one unexpected side-effect — a sustained drop in air pollution.


Pakistan's AQI improves amid lockdown

Lockdown leads to a drop in K-P pollution

Battling COVID-19 with science & tech

With over half a million infections and more than 30,000 deaths worldwide, the novel coronavirus has spread in 199 countries. 

More than three billion people around the world are living under lockdown as governments stepped up their efforts against the pandemic.

As scientists continue to explore the unique virus, The Express Tribune sieves through material to disguish between information, misinformation and disinformation.

Pakistani firm develops 'splinter' to increase ventilator capacity 

Tell the difference between  COVID-19 & allergies

Australian scientists claim anti-parasite drug can kill virus in 48 hurs

More & more young people dying of virus: WHO

Cats can get COVID-19 but pet owners need not panic

Is lockdown working? 

Race of vaccine limits drug innovation

Videos games can help stop virus outbreak

Pakistan carries out whole genome sequencing

Loss of taste, smell likely sympotoms

Dispelling misconceptions about COVID-19

Pandemic deaths could top 1.8m

Heat won’t prevent or treat COVID-19

Experts warn about eating habits during quarantine

Safe burial

WHO health alert brings COVID-19 facts to billions via WhatsApp

Are masks helping?

$1 antibody test could be a game-changer in fight against coronavirus

Cannabis lobby warns against smoking 

Over 84,000 patients recover worldwide

Supercomputer identifies chemicals to stop virus

Fill the gaps or brace for impact

Is CoV-2 (Coronavirus-2) a man-made pathogen?

‘Passive immunisation’ can save COVID-19 patients

What is chloroquine and could it cure the coronavirus?

Transmission of coronavirus during pregnancy: rare but possible

Japanese flu drug effective in treatment of coronavirus, says China

'One Iranian dies of COVID-19 every 10 mins, 50 get infected every hour'

First Chloroquine drug trial for COVID-19 unsuccessful

Russia starts testing coronavirus vaccine prototypes on animals

All you need to know about coronavirus testing in Pakistan

'Millions will not die from novel coronavirus'

Scientists in Karachi isolate compounds  

Coronavirus: How to stay safe

New gadgets dreamt up to fight virus

National Institute of Virology to develop testing kit

How long does the virus stay in your body?

'COVID-19 can survive on some surfaces for days'

What is herd immunity?

Who is a Covidiot?

Coronavirus in Pakistan: What you need to know

'COVID-19 slowing down, pandemic end near'

Explainer: Why you should stop buying face masks

Pakistani engineers develop anti-bacterial wipes

Pakistani volunteers 3D-print ventilators

Explainer: All you need to know about ‘pandemics’

 Pakistan to launch Corona App 

Living in a quarantined world 

The novel coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill. But even in a quarantined world, life goes on.

Nearly 50% Pakistanis yet to take preventive measures

Auto industry races to make ventilators during virus crisis

COVID-19 impact on mental health

Sindh unveils drive-thru testing facility

Grooming services charges up 200%

K-P's finest unite for anti-covid19 Pashto animation 

These apps will help you educate, entertain kids under coronavirus lockdown

Dr Usama to be honoured with Nishan-e-Kashmir

Is InstagramLive a good thing in time of self-isolation?

Fears of domestic violence rise as millions confined over virus

Karachi hospital launches TeleHealth to combat COVID-19 myths

5 recipes to try as you self-quarantine

Traffic accidents reduce amid COVID-19 outbreak

World's last free virus-free corners hold tight

Dating during pandemic: Chat online, meet much later

Stay at home: Where do the homeless go?

Cricket you can play under self-isolation

Fashion houses make masks to beat COVID-19

Carmakers churn out machines, masks

News from around the world

With over 530,000 infections and more than 24,000 deaths worldwide, the novel coronavirus has spread in 199 countries.  More than three billion people around the world are living under lockdown as governments stepped up their efforts against the pandemic.

Find the latest updates of the COVID-19 pandemic impact across the globe.

April 5:  Over 250,000 patients recover globally

April 5: 'Show typical British resolve, says Queen

April 5: Italy sees drop in  intensive care patients

April 4: China sees spike in new cases

April 4: Spain extends lockdown

April 3: India's lockdown hits poor hardest

April 3: Germany tally soars past 79,000

April: Global tally soars past 1 million

April 2: Curfew imposed in Makkah & Madinah

April 2: Israeli minister tests positive

April 2: Americans huddle inside 

April 1: Italy's Chinese help fight virus

April 1: COVID-19 worst crisis since WWII, says UN boss

April 1: China reports asymptomatic cases

April: US lost opportunity to lift sanctions, says Rouhani

March 31: India looks to China for PPE

March 31: Italy death toll soars past 10,000

UK death toll soars past 1,400

March 31: Global lockdown tightens with spike in virus deaths

March 30: Virus forces bankers from IPO to emergency capital raise

March 30: US deaths cross 3,000

March 30: India to turn trains into isolation centres

March 29: Spains' COVID-19 tally surpasses China's

March 29: Wuhan relaxes lockdown

March 29: Lockdown in Moscow 

March 28: COVID-19  terrifies doctors hardened by conflict in Iraq

March 28: Australia tightens lockdown

March 28: China urges G20 to increase cooperationion

March 28: UK ramps up quarantine as death toll crosses 700

March 27: Japan sets up COVID-19 task force

March 27: France's death toll surpasses 1,700

March 27: British PM tests positive

March 27: US COVID-19 tally surpasses 82,000

March 26: Massive risks to world economy as virus battle rages

March 26: Virus death toll passes 20,000, three billion under lockdown

March 25: Prince Charles tests positive for COVID-19

March 25: Indonesia's health system on the brink of collapse

March 22: Saudi seals off three cities

March 23: Cruise ship responsible for Australia's spike in infections 

March 24: China's new coronavirus infections double due to imported cases

March 23: Britain in lockdown as WHO warns pandemic 'accelerating'

March 23: Gulf nations restricts voice-calls

March 22: Iran rejects US aid offer

March 22: Singapore bans short-term visitors

India begins 14-hour curfew

March 22: Spain warns the 'worst is yet to come'


Worldwide lockdown to contain COVID-19

March 21: Iran's coronavirus deaths rise to 1,566

March 21: China's imported case tally jumps

March 20: Boris shuts down UK 

US-China row amid virus outbreak

Coronavirus could kill 'millions' in Iran

Public figures who have tested positive for COVID-19

March 20: COVID-19 deaths in Italy overtake China 

Trudeau warns virus restrictions could last weeks, months