Nearly a month after the first Covid-19 case was detected in the country, the government imposed a nationwide partial lockdown. 

The federal government issued a phase-wise lockdown lift early May despite a rising trend in coronavirus cases. 

The Express Tribune tracks measures taken by the federal and provincial governments to stop the proliferation of the novel coronavirus.


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As the numbers fluctuate despite efforts to flatten the curve,  The Express Tribune traces  the health crisis that has gripped the country.

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June 29: Over 210K cases nationwide

June 28: Over 120 new deaths recroded

June 27: Over 5,000 recover

June 26: Covid tally crosses 200K

June 25: Death toll nears 4K

June 24: Testing reduced to 21K

June 23: Tally soars past 190K

June 22: Over 74K recover

June 21: Virus spread spikes

June 20: Death toll cross 3.500

June 19: Over 60K recover from virus

June 18: Death toll surpasses 3,200

June 17: Covid-19 tally soars past 160K

June 16:Over 58,000 patients recovered

June 15: Covid-19 tally crosses 150K

June 14: Over 3,000 recover

June 13: Tally crosses 140K

June 12: Over 40K patients recover

June 11: Death toll crosses 2,400

June 10: 122,574 cases reported

June 9: Over 109K cases

June 8: Highest single-day deaths reported

June 7: Cases soar past 105K

June 6: Over 5,200 new cases emerge

Pakistan's 100-day nightmare

June 5: Over 4,800 new cases reports

June 4: Case tally crosses 90K

June 3: Tally cross 85K

June 2: Tally crosses 80K

June 1: Pakistan's Covid19 deaths top 1,600

May 31: Over 26,000 Covid-19 patients recover

May 30: Covid tally soars past 70K

May 29: Over 2,800 news cases reported

May 28: Covid tally crosses 64K

May 27: Covid tally crosses 60K

May 26: Over 1,231 die of virus

May 25: Covid tally over 58K

May 24: Another spike in cases

May 23: Death toll crosses 1,100

May 22: Over 16,000 recoveries

May 21: Covid tally soars past 50K

May 20: Death toll nears 1,000

May 19: Tally over 45,000

May 18: Tally stands at 44,689

May 17: Covid-19 tally over 41,000

May 16: Over 11,000 recover across country

May 15: Covid-19 tally nears 39,000

May 14: Pakistan confirms over 800 deaths

May 13: Covid-19 tally past 36,000

May 12: Over 35,000 cases confirmed 

May 11: 678 confirmed deaths in Pakistan

May 10: Pakistan confirms over 30,000 cases

May 9: Pakistan reports over 2,000 new cases

May 8: Death toll soars past 600

May 7: Covid-19 tally soars past 25K

May 6: Over 6,000 recover from virus 

May 5: Covid-19 death toll crosses 450

May 4: Pakistan's tally crosses 21K

May 3: Pakistan's Covid-19 tally nears 20K

May 2: Karachi's Covid-19 tally nears 5K

May 1: Covid-19 death toll nears 400

April 30: Pakistan records highest single-day case tally

April 29: Over 3,400 patients recover

April 28: Tally crosses 15,000

April 27: Virus tally nears 14,000

April 26: Tally crosses 12K mark

April 25: Over 2,750 patients recover

April 24: Covid-19 tally over 11K

April 23: Death toll crosses 224

April 22: Case tally crosses 10K mark

April 21: Pakistan's tally soars past 9,500

April 20: Punjab sees sharp spike

April 19: Pakistan's tally crosses 8,000

April 18: Pakistan's death toll soars past 144

April 17: Pakistan's tally crosses 7,200

April 16: Pakistan's tally crosses 6,800

April 15: Pakistan's tally crosses 6,100

April 14: Pakistan reports 106 deaths

April 13: Pakistan's tally crosses 5,300

April 12: Over 1,000 patients recover

April 11: Tally soars past 5,000

April 10: Nation-wide tally reaches 4,750

April 9: Pakistan's tally soars past 4,500

April 8: Pakistan's death toll reaches 60

April 7: Pakistan's tally crosses 4,000

April 6: Pakistan's tally cross 3,200

April 5: COVID-19 claims 50 lives

April 4: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally soars past 2,800

Three policemen test positive

April 3: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally soars past 2,600

April 2: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally tops 2,300

April 1: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally crosses 2,000

April 1: Hyderabad has most local transmission

March 31: Pakistan's  COVID-19 death toll reaches 25

March 30 : Pakistan's COVID-19 tally soars past 1,700

March 29: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally soars past 1,500

March 28: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally soars past 1,400

March 27: Pakistan's death toll reaches 10

March 25: Three patients recover in K-P

March 26: Pakistan's tally crosses 1,100

March 24: Pakistan's tally at 878

March 23: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally crosses 800

March 22: Mardan’s COVID-19 victim infected five people

March 21: G-B confirms first COVID-19 death

March 22: Pakistan confirms 4th COVID-19 death

March 22: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally tops 600

March 21: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally tops 700

March 21: Sindh revises COVID-19 figures to 292

March 21: Balochistan reports first death

March 22: Shehbaz goes into self-quarantine

March 20: Sindh reports first COVID-19 death

March 20: Pakistan reports third COVID-19 death

March 19: Pakistan’s tally cross 450

March 18:Qureshi goes into self-isolation

March 18: Pakistan's COVID-19 tally crosses 250

March 18: Pakistan confirms first two COVID-19 deaths

March 17: Pakistan's tally hits 237

March 16: Sindh confirms 41 new COVID-19 cases

March 16: K-P reports first 15 confirmed cases 

March 15:  20 COVID-19 cases reported in a day 

March 14: Five new COVID-19 cases reported 

March 13: 7 new cases surface in Taftan

March 13: Sindh confirms 15th covid-19 case

March 11: Second case emerges in Gilgit-Baltistan

March 11: Balochistan confirms first covid-19 case

March 10: Nine new COVID-19 cases in Sindh

March 8: Seventh case confirmed

Pakistan's 1st patient discharged

Feb 26: First 2 COVID-10 cases confirmed

Nearly a month after the first Covid-19 case was detected in the country, the government imposed a nationwide partial lockdown. 

The federal government issued a phase-wise lockdown lift early May despite a rising trend in coronavirus cases. 

The Express Tribune tracks measures taken by the federal and provincial governments to stop the proliferation of the novel coronavirus.

Sept 3: Govt issues SOPs for schools

Sept 1: Covid cases hit four month low

Aug 29: PM Imran says pandemic threat not over yet

Aug 20: Senate body raps govt over Covid response

Aug 18: Phase II of vaccine approved

Aug 15: British Airways resume flights 

Aug 10: Pandemic weighs heavy on expats

Aug 10: Recovery rate crosses 11%

Aug 5: More sectors set to open

July 30: Pakistan effectively recovering

July 26: Dr Mirza warns against SOP violations

July 20: 78% Covid patients recover

July 20: No extra pay for health workers

July 19: Govt wary of Covid spike after Eid

July 18: Ulema agree to Muharram SOPs

July 17: Govt denies reducing testing

July 12: Curve is flattening

July 8: Imran wants global plan Covid-hit labourers

July 8: Education 'lockdown' to end in Sept

July 5: Govt to prevent virus surge during Eid

July 4: 'Covid curve flattening except Sindh'

July 4: US donates 200 ventilators

July 2: Pakistan rebuffs 'virus exporting' reports

June 29: No tickets for symptomatic people

June 27: Action ordered against drug hoarders

June 25: Imran throws down gauntlet


June 24: Etihad, Emirates suspend flight operation from Pakistan

June 23: Difficult month ahead, says Imran

June 22: International flights resume

June 22: Over 60 frontline healthcare workers succumb to virus

June 21: 92  hotspots identified in 20 cities

June 20: Over 150 deaths reported  in a day

Why fear frenzy over virus spurt?

June 17: PTI govt blames SOPs breach for Covid spike

June 16: Experts rule out partial lockdowns

June 15: Govt to impose lockdown at 20 hotspots

June 14: Govt expects 1.2m cases by July end

June 13: Imran spurns Punjab's lockdown proposal

June 13: Over 300,000 placed under 1,292 smart lockdowns

June 12: Healthcare workers given 7-point agenda

June 11: NA begins session

June 11: Imran to personally monitor Covid-19 from PM Office

June 10: 3 railway employees succumb to virus

June 10: WHO says Pakistan doesn't qualify for eased lockdown

June 8: Over 35K Pakistanis repatriated

June 8: Rashid, Khaqan, Aurangzeb test positive

June 8: SC orders govt to draft Covid-19 legislation

June 8: PM Imran sees virus peaking in July-Aug

June 7: NCOC finally briefs emergency responders

June 7: Health system prepares for peak

June 6: 'Centre allowed virus spread'

June 6: No shortage of Covid-19 facilities

June 6: Govt's clarion call fo public discipline

June 5: Virus spurt after govt's lockdown gamble

June 5: MNAs ignore SOP at NA

June 5: Imran rules out lockdown

June 4: Major markets closed due to SOP violation

June 3: Covid-19 survivors rally to donate plasma

June 3: 48-hour quarantine policy for travellers abandoned

June 2: Pakistna's Covid-19 numbers may be 20 times more

June 1: Fed govt reopens more economic sectors

May 31: NDMA provides provinces ventilators

May 31: NCOC wants no mask no service policy

May 30: NCOC backs reopening marriage halls

May 29: UK provides aid for anti-virus efforts

May 29: Pakistan resumes international flights

May 28: Travellers to be screened, tested at airports

May 28: 176 Pakistanis repatriated from India

May 27: Antibodies tests allowed for community screening

May 27: Anti-body testing allowed for community screening

May 27: NCOC fears spike in cases due to SOP violations

May 23: Chinese officials donate for Covid fight

May 22: Sketchy details of Covid-19 cases in prison

May 22: Cases to spikes. if SOPs not followed, says Dr Mirza

May 21: Quarantine strategy helped increased testing

May 20: Govt launches tele-health

May 20: Trains resume operations

May 19: Province bound ot follow Centre, says SC

May 18: Over Rs104b distributed under Ehsaas programme

May 18: Fawad Chaudhry warns against easing lockdown

May 18: SC directs provinces. toopen shopping malls, markets on weekends

May 17: Provinces refuse extension in closing times

May 17: Pakistan opnes Chaman, Torkham borders

May 16: Turkey allows health tourism for Pakistanis

May 16: PTI govt approves modalities for chloroquine export

May 16: Six-day Eid holidays amid Covid-19 pandemic

May 16: First post-lockdown flight lands in Karachi

May 16: Testing increased amid transport relief

May 15: PM Imran says learn to live with the virus

May 15: PML-N seeks Corona fund monitoring

May 14: PM Imran joins call for free vaccine

May 14: Matric, inter students to be promoted without exams

May 13: Pakistan firm to produce Covid-19 drug

May 13: Govt roasted over virus response

May 13: Major markets sealeds across Pakistan

May 12: Lockdown to be reimposed if SOPs not followed, says Asad Umar

May 12: Most lawmakers not taken into confidence ease

May 11: 48-hour wait for testing abolished

May 11: SOPs thrown to wind as lockdown eases

May 11: Covid-19 takes backseat in NA session

May 10: Pakistan to cordon off virus hotspots

May 10: Army major loses Covid-19 battle

May 10: Domestic flights grounded till May 31

May 9: Sania Nishtar dons burqa on facility visit

May 7: EU unveils €150m package for Pakistan

May 9: Imran irked by mistretment of Covid-19 patients

May 8: PTI govt endeavours to save lives & livelihoods

May 7: Imran Khan announces lifting of lockdown

May 7: Pakistan to see peak by May-end, early June

May 7: EU unveils €150m package for Pakistan

May 7: Pandemic underscores need for e-courts

May 6: NCOC greenlights easing lockdown

May 6: Pandemic underscores need for e-courts

May 5: Provinces disagree on reopening schools

May 5: Federal cabinet approves easing lockdown

May 5: 193 Pakistanis return from India via Wagah

May 5: Pakistan to gradually ease lockdown

May 5: Pakistan proposes global truce amid pandemic

May 5: Trains to partially resume from 10th

May 4: SC irked by PTI govt's handling of pandemic

May 3: CAA says SOPs in place at airports to contain virus

May 5: Pakistan to gradually ease lockdown

May 5: Pakistan proposes global truce amid pandemic

May 5: Trains to partially resume from 10th

May 4: SC irked by PTI govt's handling of pandemic

May 3: CAA says SOPs in place at airports to contain virus

May 3: Lockdown may leave 18 million jobless, says Asad Umar 

May 2: IHC closed after staff tests positive

May 2: 100,000 Pakistanis stuck abroad

May 2: Dr Mirza urges citizens to follows SOPs

May 2: A look inside Pakistan's Covid-19 response

May 1: Economy to rmeain under 'lockdown'

May 1: Govt to contribute Rs4 to every rupee donated, says PM Imran

May 1: Health experts against easing lockdown

April 29: NA speaker tests positive

April 29: Political parties agree on in-person NA session

April 29: Covid-19 sets off food security fears

April 28: Over 90K Pakistanis stranded on foreign shores

April 28: Dr Mirza warns of extending lockdown

April 27: Virus lockdown threatens livestock 

April 26: NCOC Ramazan SOPs

April 26: 103 PIA flights to repatriate 20,000 by May 9

April 26: DRAP issues 10-point guidelines

April 25: 79% cases locally transmitted

April 25: Trains to esume after lockdown ends

April 25: Doctors urge strict lockdown

April 25: ISPR says following SOPs for next 15 days crucial

April 24: PTI govt launches $595m ‘response plan’ to combat coronavirus

April 24: NDMA finishes construction of infectious disease centre

April 24: UN urged to plan for impact on culture

April 23: Qureshi pleads for Ramazan SOPs to be followed

April 24: China reiterates support to fight virus

April 23: PM Imran says using ISI tech to trace Covid-19 patients

April 23: PMA urges govt to review congregational prayers’ decision

April 23: 35 million Ehsaas cash applicants rejected after scrutiny

April 23: Pakistan seeks revival of SAARC health committee

April 23: Provincial govts asked to facilitate return of Tablighi Jamaat members, pilgrims

April 23: Pakistan to host SAARC virtual conference on Covid-19

April 22: Justice Isa says stopping congregations in mosques justified in Islam

April 22: PM Imran, President Trump discuss Covid-19 pandemic over phone

April 22: PM Imran launches Ehsaas Emergency Cash Information Portal

April 22: Covid-19 cases up by 40% in five days: doctors


April 22: Coming 3-4 weeks to be critical, says Zafar Mirza

April 22: Spike in case tally expected by end of May

April 21: PM Imran tested for virus 

April 21: Some trains may reopen by April 25

April 21: Overseas Pakistanis seek help to repatriate relatives' bodies

April 21: Cbinet okays relief for construction sector

April 21: Imran warns of action if Ramazan SOP not followed

April 20: PTI govt steps up testing amid 'smart lockdown'

April 20: NA mulls virtual session

April 19: FM urges joint strategy to fight virus

April 19: Ulema endorse Imran's lockdown strategy

April 19: Imran urges balance between saving lives & livelihoods

April 18: UK announces £2.67m aid for Pakistan

April 18: PM Imran sees spike in cases next month

April 18: PTI govt, Ulema agree on SOPs for Ramazan

April 18: Give expats five-star quarantine centres, says IHC

April 18: Umrah pilgrims repatriated from Saudi Arabia

April 17: Pakistan rubbishes Indian army chief's ‘spurious allegation’

April 16: SC proposes going digital

April 16: Ordinance against hoarders drafted

April 16: PM Imran wants SOPs followed

April 16: Essential medication release delayed

April 16: YDA seeks CJP’s help

April 15: Pakistanis repatriated from india

April 15: Japan $1m in COVID-19 relief

April 15: 'Think globally, act locally to defeat coronavirus'

April 15: Passengers trains partially restored

April 15: Sindh govt catering to interest of elite, accuses Firdous

April 15: Mirza reprimanded for failing to satisfy SC

April 15: PTI govt allows congregational prayers

April 15: Fatality rate ‘very low in Pakistan’

April 14: Special flights announced as aviation sector reels

April 15: Hotel owners seek better quarantine rates

April 15: Alvi to take clerics on board for Taraweeh plan

April 15: At least 2,000 drivers stranded in Afghanistan

April 14: PM Imran extends lockdown

April 14: UAE releases nearly 400 Pakistani prisoners


April 14: Ulema demand lifting of ban on congregations

April 14: Qureshi asks Raab to forward Imran’s loan restructuring idea to G-20

April 14: FDE yet to devise policy for classes at home

April 14: Next phase of special flights starts 

April 14: Envoy assures help to virus-hit community in US

'Domestic transmission could unleash catastrophe in Pakistan'

April 12: PM Imran urges world powers to help Pakistan in fight against COVID-19

April 12: Pakistan scrambles to repatriate workers after UAE warning

April 12: Rs22.466 billion disbursed under Ehsaas Emergency Programme

April 12: Security beefed up at borders, PTI govt tells top court

April 11: Provinces urged to step up testing

April 12: Govt to hold virtual Kacheris

April 11: 4,000 stranded passengers to be brought back

April 11: Community deaths whip fear among Pakistanis in NYC

April 11: Karachi, Lahore go for sealing hospitals

April 11: Pakistan innovates in times of pandemic, says PM

April 10: PM seeks provinces' input on lockdown

April 9: Chinese military shares how best to tackel virus

April 9: More food items to be subsidised in Ramadan

April 8: COVID-19 cases lesser than expected, SC told

April 8: COVID-19 detection higher in Pakistan than Xinjiang

April 8: PIA repatriates 136 stranded Pakistanis from Iraq

April 7: Centre to give equipment to hospital directly

April 7: PIA pilots refuse to fly back stranded Pakistanis from Iraq

April 7: Qureshi urges joint fight against virus

April 7: COAS directs relief operations

April 6: Palpa strike disrupts flight operations

April 6: Pakistanis in UAE seek to return home

April 6: Pak-Afg border reopened temporarily

April 5: Pay no heed to online rumours, says Imran

April 5: Lockdown helped slow virus spread

April 4:  Huge decline witnessed in outdoor activities

April 4: Stranded Afghans given four-day window to leave

April 4: Pakistan fears COVID-19 tally may top 50K by month end

April 4: Can't afford indefinite lockdown, says ISPR

April 3: Pakistan to quarantine tableeghi jamaat members

April 3: Need to render untiring efforts, says PM Imran

April 3: Two PIA plane fly to Toronto with stranded passengers

April 2: Pakistan's first COVID-19 patient donates blood

April 2: SC seeks report on COVID-19 measures

April 2: Domestic flights remain grounded till April 11

April 1: Army to guard border between people & virus

April 1: Medics to get PPE on priority, says PM Imran

April 1: Virus restrictions to remain till April 14

April 2: Pakistan to switch to Chinese model of social distancing 

April 1: PIA to partially resume flights

March 31: Pakistan may be hardest hit by pandemic, says UN

March 28: Lack of PPE puts doctors at risk in Pakistan

March 27: NCC lifts ban on goods transport

March 27: Govt puts off sale of assets

March 26: Centre allows Mosques to stay open

March 26: PM Imran goes offline without listening to opposition 

March 26: Pakistan plans COVID-19 Secretariat

March 25: Ulema issue fatwa banning congregational prayers

March 25: Virtual federal cabinet meeting

March 24: Pakistan suspends train servcice

March 24: Centre, provinces at loggerheads

March 24: US backs Pakistan's COVID-19 fight

March 23: Army called in to fight pandemic

March 23: PM Imran green-lights economic relief

March 24: SC refuses to close courts 

March 22: Staggered suspension of train service announced in Pakistan

March 22: Special corps commanders conference reviews COVID-19 spread

March 21: Pakistan suspends international flights

March 21: COAS asks people to be 'responsible'

 March 21: Pakistan in diplomatic push to lift US curbs on Iran

March 20: 'People should self-quarantine for 45 days'

 March 20: Pakistan Army fully determined to curb coronavirus: DG ISPR

March 20: Pakistan rules out viral outbreak delaying CPEC

March 20: Around 2,000 Pakistanis still stranded in Iran

March 20: PM Imran Khan orders reopening of border with Afghanistan

 March 19: Partial lockdown in Sindh, Punjab, K-P as Pakistan fights COVID-19

 March 19: Pakistan seals Wagah Border

March 19: Pakistan makes COVID-19 test must for international passengers

March 14: Virus fear resurrects moribund SAARC

March 13: Pakistan seals borders, limits flight operations 

March 1: Pakistan sets up scanners at major airports

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Artwork: Ibrahim Yahya, Mohsin Alam