Punjab has seen the largest spike in confirmed novel coronavirus cases, reporting up to 500 cases in a day.

Despite declaring a health emergency on March 13, the provincial government was slow to gauge the seriousness of the pandemic as it allowed a large religious congregation at a time when experts were urging social distancing.

On March 21, CM Usman Buzdar announced a three-day lockdown to slowdown the outbreak, which has since been extended.

Follow our coverage of government’s measures and the COVID-19 epidemiological outlook.

May 24: Tenants strggle to survive in virus-hit economy

May 23: Covid-19 patients allowed to meet families

May 21: Markets allowed to stay open till 10pm

May 20: Shortage of products mars Lahore's markets

May 19: Lockdown bites poor despite ease

May 19: Two bankers test positive for Covid-19

May 19: Shopping spree ahead of Eid in Lahore

May 18: Public transport partially restored

May 17: Grave-diggers charge double over increased risk

May 17: Govt reopning industries

May 16: Inter-distrcit transport allowed

May 15: 16 Govt allows reopening malls

May 15: Govt leaves transporters in a stew

May 15: Police seal Youm-e-Ali route

May 14: Public confused by policy on markets

May 14: Rising cases test hospitals capacity

May 13: Govt blamed for surge in virus risk

May 13: Lahore sees long queues of shoppers

May 12: Citizens throng to markets for Eid shopping

May 12: Over 285 cases confirmed in Punjab police dept

May 11: Ban on gatherings fails to stop Iftars

May 11: Bureaucracy sticks to video-link 

May 10: Shopkeepers, customers ignore social distancing 

May 10: Punjab allows home isolation with SOPs

May 9: 47 prisoners in Punjab infected with Covid-19

May 9: Punjab govt draws flak on anti-virus strategy

May 7: Patients, families unclear about test results

May 7: Covid-19 spread in jails could spell disaster

May 6: 86% citizens approves govt policies

May 6: Punjab fails to bring donated PPE from China 

May 5: Graveyard sought for Covid-19 victims

May 5: Hotels offer luxury isolation 

May 3: Lockdown relaxation leaves Punjab govt anxious

May 3: 297,070 locations disinfected to curb virus

May 2: Breadwinners switch professions to survive the pandemic

May 2: Shops, kiosks violate lockdown timings

May 1: Beds set aside for children a Nishtar Hospital

May 1: Biometric system fails to identify 1000s under Ehsaas Cash Programme

May 1: Most callers on helpline seek ration

April 30: Covid-19 takes a toll on Punjab Police

April 30: Bars won’t stop spread in prisons

April 29: Punjab stops setting up disinfect gates

April 29: SHO tests positive in Lahore

April 29: Coronavirus cases surge in Multan

April 29: Labour groups give govt 3 days to reopen factories

April 28: Changing lockdown policies confuses police

April 27: Overseas Pakistanis tested in Faisalabad

April 26: LEAs ordered to intensify travel ban 

April 26: Virus tally among Punjab police reaches 21

April 26: Punjab GDP may shed $20b if lockdown exceeds

April 26: Thalassemia patients at risk as blood stock depletes

April 25: LGH to continue 24/7 helpline in Ramazan

April 25: Central lab conducts 2K tests daily 

April 24: Lockdown: Import delays smart card production

April 24: Pandemic may leave 4 million jobless in Punjab

April 24: Punjab likely to extend lockdown 

April 22: Committee formed to control pandemic in Multan

April 22: Punjab minister announces reduced school fee without legal knowledge

April 23: Photo-ops at cash handouts irks LHC

April 23: Hoarders to face three-year jail term

April 22: Another police officer tests positive for Covid-19

April 22: Factories to reopen under surveillance

April 21: Transport ban hampers construction industry

April 21: Pre-Ramazan price hike takes Lahore by storm

April 20: Transgenders struggle as Covid-19 shuts life

April 20: Safari Park’s 14 lions sold due to lack of food

April 19: Lockdown deprives workers of livelihood

April 19: Recoveries tally increasing steadily

April 19: Covid-19 infections continue to multiply in Multan

April 18: Buzdar urges legislators to monitor relief measures

April 18: Shujabad jail doctor tests positive for Covid-19

April 18: LG&CD urges proper disposal of masks, gloves

April 18: Shopkeepers circumvent lockdown curbs

April 18: South Punjab seeks increase in virus testing capacity

April 18: Worshippers defy virus fear, govt ban

April 18: Animals also at risk amid lockdown

April 18: Over Rs550m disbursed among 45,384 women

April 17: Flower farmers suffer losses 

April 17: Woman lured for ration, ‘raped’ in Kokianwala

April 17: Punjab may face food shortages and price hikes in Ramazan

April 17: Punjab's new lockdown SOPs leave barbers in quandary

April 17: Covid-19 cases surge in Faisalabad

April 16: Lockdown exemptions cause confusion in Punjab

April 16: Many face starvation as donations at shrines stop

April 15: Punjab govt mulls scraping Ramazan Bazaar plan

April 15: Buzdar aims 10,000 tests a day

April 14: Baisakhi celebrated in a simple ceremony

April 14: Punjab bureaucracy operates remotely 

April 14: Punjab issues varying figures about virus patients

April 14: Punjab zoos step up COVID-19 precautions

April 14: Local factories capture protective gear market

April 14: Corona mental health telemedicine helpline launched

April  11: Hospitals allocate isolation wards

April  11: Virus cases continue to rise

April  11: 30 centres set up across Lahore for cash distribution

April  11: Blame game over Multan quarantine centre continues

April  10: Govt unveils relief package for journalists

April  10: 3,500 prisoners to be shifted 

April 10: COVID-19 requires special care, says Buzdar

April 9: 97,000 families to get Rs12,000 each

April  9: Essential services exempted from travel curbs

April  8: Cash distribution plan finalised

April  8: Changing lockdown rules leave officials confused

April 8: OPD reopens at DHQ, Allied hospitals

April 8: Hafizabad prison to house Lahore inmates

April  8: 40m citizens apply for govt help

April  7: Man comes closer to pet lion during pandemic

April  7: District jail declines to accept prisoners

April  7: COVID-19 positive doctors damage property

April  7: 19 Attock natives  quarantined

April  7: Punjab govt bans relief work by charities

April  6:  Lockdown makes life unbearable

April  6: Multan quarantine to host 1,700 pilgrims

April  5: Essential items disappear from market

April 5: Industries with export orders to resume operations

April 4:  Govt finalises distribution plan

Apr 3: 'Make citizens walk home as punishment'

April 2: LHC launches email system for bails

April 1: Social distancing extended to police

Mar 31:Pakistan's first walkthrough sanitiser gate

March 31: Families wary of delay in medical reports

March 27: Punjab overtakes Sindh in COVID-19 cases

March 25: Punjab to recruit 10,000 doctors

March 23: Punjab extends lockdown

March 21: Punjab announces 3-day lockdown

March 20: Punjab bans social gatherings at home

March 19: Punjab govt bans inter-provincial public transport heading towards Sindh

March 13: Punjab declares health emergency

Produced by: Niha Dagia
Artwork: Ibrahim Yahya, Mohsin Alam