With the novel coronavirus infections crossing the million mark, the world adjust to life under lockdown. 

Read The Express Tribune's top picks on science, technology and analysis of the health crisis.

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Thoughts in self-isolation

Let’s join hands in fighting coronavirus

Covid-19: We will come through this together

Pakistan needs to act now or never

COVID-19 aid

Post covid-19 Pakistan

Leadership in times of coronavirus

Could COVID-19 become Pakistan's white swan?

The odds of winning

Lesson to learn from US

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No Saarc tie-up sans Pakistan

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Taking Covid-19 lightly

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Four priorities for a global pandemic strategy

Pakistan’s low corona count is a ticking bomb

Pakistan no stranger to mega-crises but this is different

Lockdown to breakdown

A brand new world

 Covid-19 & rise of data-driven govts

Pandamic & our divergent responses

Covid-19 challneges & opportunities

Those days of frequent lockdowns

Right-wing nationalism and healthcare

Pre-corona world, gone with the wind

The curious case of compassion

Questions for the poor, none for the rich

Covid-19 and the road to universal healthcare

Letter from Rome

Covid-19: backdrop and beyond

Save lives or livelihoods?

Covid-19: a costly negligence?

Role of intelligence in coronavirus control

Thinking back, 
planning ahead

Why some corona curbs should stay permanently

Antibodies: Nature’s greatest gift

Blind faith


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Welldone, Pakistan!

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Covid-19 and plague of lingering inequalities

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Serendipitous outcomes of Covid-19

The lockdown conundrum

Life under Covid

In the meanwhile…

The role of civil society in post-corona world

As WHO takes the fall

Where are the epidemiologists?

Covid-19: RSS cadres in Gulf exposed

How Pakistan’s economy can grow post Covid-19

Facing pandemics in today’s

How to dilute corona catastrophe

Home quarantine

Pakistan’s response to coronavirus

The leadership we need

Protect people first

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BLOG: Assessing virus's impact on climate change


Identified by Chinese authorities on January 7, SARS-CoV-2 is a new strain of the coronavirus that has not been previously identified in humans.

With infections soaring past the million mark, billions of people are living under a lockdown as governments and experts step up efforts against the pandemic.

As scientists continue to examine the unique virus, The Express Tribune sieves through an influx of information. 

WHO health alert brings COVID-19 facts to billions via WhatsApp

Why are South Koreans testing positive again?

COVID-19 to worsen gender inequalities in Pakistan

Dexamethasone reduces death rates in critical cases

How long does the virus stay in your body?

'Lack of global leadership biggest threat in fighting pandemic'

Safe burial

What is chloroquine?

Cats can get COVID-19

Heat won’t prevent or treat COVID-19

Who is a Covidiot?

Loss of taste, smell likely sympotoms

Myths & misconceptions: The do's & don'ts

Fresh from the lab: The home-grown robotic virus fighter

Mysterious blood clots are Covid-19's latest lethal surprise

WHO concerned about Covid-19 impct on weak systems

Covid-19 death toll to double if lockdown eased

US suggests sunlight, heat weakens Covid-19 virus

'Drug Remdesivir ineffective during first coronavirus treatment trial'

World leaders due to launch Covid-19 drugs, vaccine plan

'Remdesivir shows improvement in Covid-19 patients when used early' 

Finding digital solutions to mental well-being

Experts warn about eating habits during quarantine

Cannabis lobby warns against smoking

Experimental virus drug remdesivir effective in monkeys: study

No evidence antibody tests can show immunity, warns WHO

No benefit, higher death rate for malaria drug in coronavirus study

Can dogs detect Covid-19? Canines in training to sniff out virus

UK to collect COVID-19 survivors' blood for treatment trials

Race of vaccine limits drug innovation

Fill the gaps or brace for impact

Are masks helping?

Is lockdown working?

More & more young people dying of virus: WHO

Recovery from Covid-19 may not confer immunity

What is herd immunity?

Is CoV-2 (Coronavirus-2) a man-made pathogen?

Women leaders common link in country with best response

'COVID-19 can survive on some surfaces for days'

Transmission of coronavirus during pregnancy: rare but possible

Supercomputer identifies chemicals to stop virus

'Millions will not die from novel coronavirus'

New gadgets dreamt up to fight virus

First Chloroquine drug trial for COVID-19 unsuccessful

Japanese flu drug effective in treatment, says China

COVID-19 to worsen gender inequalities in Pakistan

Why are South Koreans testing positive again?

Pakistan carries out whole genome sequencing

How long does the virus stay in your body?

$1 antibody test could be a game-changer in fight against coronavirus

Pakistani firm develops 'splinter' to increase ventilator capacity 

Tell the difference between  COVID-19 & allergies

Australian scientists claim anti-parasite drug can kill virus in 48 hurs

Videos games can help stop virus outbreak

Explainer: All you need to know about ‘pandemics’

‘Passive immunisation’ can save COVID-19 patients


More than three billion people around the world are living under lockdown in a bid to slow the progression of the deadly pneumonia-like virus emerging in Chinese city of Wuhan late last year. In just four months, the novel coronavirus infected over a million people across the globe as death toll rose past 100,000.

But even in a quarantined world, life goes on.

Read our top picks on life amid a global lockdown.

Facebook gets rid of 'pseudoscience' ad-targeting category

Pakistani stars make a "call to action"

Nicotine fix: Social media peeved by WHO's anti-smoking campaign

'Meethi' Eid without sweets

A tough Eid for tailors

Domestic abuse rises in Latin American amid lockdown

Indonesians hooked to Turkish movies, dramas to kill boredom

Belgian with Covid-19 gives birth to healthy baby

Asia's mosques deserted as virus keeps Ramazan faithful away

Beijing shuts door on eating wild animals

Melbourne allows recitation of Azaan in mosques

'Once Upon a Virus': China mocks US Covid-19 response 

Criminals using food delivery services to transport drugs 

Coronavirus brews trouble for tea, disrupts supply as demand spikes

Covid, Corona & Lockdown: newborns named after a pandemic

Misinformation ruining lives, says UK fact-checker

Twitter to ban 5G conspiracy theories

Bezos, Musk among billionaires gaining net worth in pandemic

Coronavirus second wave may be even worse

Meet the donkey getting paid to crash boring Zoom meetings

Global hunger could double due to Covid-19 blow: UN

Colombian couple meets, marries in coronavirus shelter

A Ramazan like no other. PHOTOS: REUTERS

Artist tells lockdown story in watercolour

Digital video game spending hits record high

Zoom boosts encryption to quell safety concerns

Argentine official has some advice for digital lovers

India's child pornography consumption up by 95% during lockdown

Ramazan begins amid lockdown

Turkish medics back in the game post-virus

Meal-prepping while in quarantine 

Ghosts' scare Indonesians indoors 

Great-grandmother becomes Brazil's oldest survivor

Wedding streamers: Couple takes big day online

Doctors think ventilators might harm some patients

'Parents’ excessive use of technology affects children'

TeleSchool project goes live

Muslims flout the coronavirus ban in mosques

K-P's finest unite for anti-covid19 Pashto animation

Afghan girls try building ventilator from used car parts

Crime rate drops around the world amid COVID-19

Nearly 50% Pakistanis yet to take preventive measures

Auto industry races to make ventilators during virus crisis

COVID-19 impact on mental health

Sindh unveils drive-thru testing facility

Grooming services charges up 200%

These apps will help you educate, entertain kids under coronavirus lockdown

Sending a message in coronavirus pandemic. PHOTO: REUTERS

Fears of domestic violence rise as millions confined over virus

Karachi hospital launches TeleHealth to combat COVID-19 myths

5 recipes to try as you self-quarantine

Traffic accidents reduce amid COVID-19 outbreak

Is InstagramLive a good thing in time of self-isolation?

Dr Usama to be honoured with Nishan-e-Kashmir

Dating during pandemic: Chat online, meet much later

Stay at home: Where do the homeless go?

Cricket you can play under self-isolation

Fashion houses make masks to beat COVID-19

Carmakers churn out machines, masks

World's last free virus-free corners hold tight


In the months since the novel coronavirus’s emergence, the world has been gripped by fear and anxiety as infections and death tolls rise.

Amid all the uncertainty, there are stories of courage and resilience. From medical professionals and law enforcers to volunteers helping the most vulnerable, The Express Tribune features the heroes on the frontline of the battle against COVID-19.

Rescuers brave rising tide of Covid-19 in Punjab

 Unsung heroes of coronavirus control room

Unseen & unappreciated lab technicians

Amid virus crisis, health workers remain steadfast

Charities on the forefront of relief work

Resilient rescue workers fight coronavirus 

Rescue workers resumes work after Covid-19 recovery

Nurses: In the line of defence

Brave hearts in Mardan fight virus

May 16: Inside Karachi's isolation centre 

June 22: Over 60 frontline healthcare workers succumb to virus

Sargodha Youth Brigade: Nation's hidden heroes

Dr Javed to be nominated for civil award

Donors step up fight

Doctor loses battle against virus

Edhi worker dies of Covid-19

How one mechanic is keeping his hands dirty during the lockdown

Pakistan-origin doctor on frontline of UK's fight

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