Like most of Pakistan, Islamabad, AJK and G-B have been in lockdown since the last week of March, with daily life becoming a struggle in a region that is predominantly reliant on tourism.

The martyrdom of Usama Riaz, a young doctor who died while treating patients in G-B, also shed light on PPE shortage, which has since been addressed.

Transport remains suspended in the region, with special passes issued to people to travel. There have been recurring complaints of prolonged power outages and inadequate internet speed as locals adjust to life with restricted movement.

Follow our coverage of government’s measures and the COVID-19 epidemiological outlook.

Twin cities

May 19: Little regard for social distancing in Pindi

May 18: Malls, salons open after SC order

May 16: Open stores amid pandemic

May 14: Conditional Itikaf green-lighted

May 14: Unusually quite Ramazan

May 13: 11 shopping centres sealed in Pindi

May 12: No masks, no shopping

May 11: Small markets get nod to open

May 10: Virus test compulsory for restaurants

May 9: Food street comes to life as lockdown eases

May 9: Once bustling Moti Bazaar now wears deserted look

May 9: Some markets open ahead of notification

May 9: Shopping malls want restrictions eased

May 6: Goods transporters smuggle people

May 5: 450 mosques served notice for violating SOPs

May 5: PIMS dept sealed after two doctors test positive

May 4: Two BSL-3 lab expedite Covid-19 testing

May 3: Islamabad Police to enforce lockdown

May 3: 33 more positive in Rawalpindi

May 2: Covid-19 hospital to be ready by May 5

May 1: Medical graduate dies of coronavirus

May 1: Face masks pose security risk, say officials

May 1: Islamabad's Sector 1-10 sealed

April 29: Naanbai Association demand utility bills’ waiver

April 27: Salon fear losing earning during Ramazan

April 27: Salon fear losing earning during Ramazan

April 27: Healthcare workers struggle to stay safe

April 27: Departmental stores get SOPs for reopening

April 27: Price of naan jumps by Rs3

April 26: Covid-19 impacts traditional roadside Iftar

April 25: Islamabad DC orders shop closure at 5pm

April 24: Eid prayers subject to Covid-19 situation

April 24: Raincoats in demand as virus spreads

April 23: Cop tests positive for Covid-19

April 23: 2,000 cops to guard worship places, markets

April 23: Taraweeh SOPs to be observed

April 23: Ulema, traders vow to follow SOP in Ramazan

April 22: CDA to start using digital filing system

April 21: Pindi businesses go online

April 21: Social distancing ignored in Islamabad’s markets

April 19: Govt employees called for duty

April 19: Quarantined demand 'taste of outside'

April 18: Food delivery, take-away allowed 

April 17: Pindi's Ramazan Bazaar cancelled

Stamp duty relief yet to reach people in Rawalpindi

Confusion reigns over lockdown ‘relaxation’

Lockdown to last till April 30 in ICT

Apr 15: Another locality sealed in Rawalpindi

April 15: Enhanced checking after 10pm ordered

April 14: Doctor, cousin recover at Polyclinic

Second Covid-19 fatality in Islamabad

Islamabad Police gets PPE

Water shortage puts Islamabad's I-8/1 residents at risk

Apr 12: Encroachment razed at Sabzi Mandi

April 12: Another locality in Islamabad sealed

April 12: Twin cities observe virtual Easter

No one to smell flower

Crime takes a break in times of pandemic

April 11: Retailers refuse to follow official rates

April 10: 120 bed quarantine centre set up in Pindi

April 5: Covid-19 helps pollen season pass easily

April 5: Sunday markets spring across Pindi

Apr 4: Lal Masjid cleric booked for violating ban

April 4: Thermal walk-through gates in Rawalpindi

April 4: Traders demand relaxation in lockdown

April 1: 19 caught sneaking out of lockdown

March 26: Two more streets sealed in Rawalpindi

March 25: Islamabad pays no heed to isolation directives

March 22: Islamabad's empty roads say it all

March 15: Islamabad shuts down amid COVID-19 fear

Gilgit Baltistan & Azad Jammu and Kashmir

May 17: AJK govt imposes back to strict lockdown as cases spike

April 20: AJK govt approves ordinance against hoarding of essential commodities

April 18: G-B CM sides with senior bureaucrat in coronavirus lockdown row

April 17: 5K tests needed in IoK

April 15: AJK president stresses need for online education 

April 14: Timely measures kept coronavirus at bay

Skardu doctors set up ICU on self-help basis

March 27: GB receives medical aid

March 25: G-B tightens lockdown

March 22: G-B declares lockdown

March 21: G-B imposes Section 144

Produced by: Niha Dagia
Artwork: Ibrahim Yahya, Mohsin Alam