The Express Tribune Newslab

For Peshawar

Remembering the 147 who died on December 16, 2014

Drink of death

Clouded judgment and silence over toxic liquor fatalities

The cost of Pakistan

Listen to narratives from the most significant event in 20th century South Asia: the 1947 Partition

Bug Life

These mesmerising images of insects reveal there’s more to creepy crawlies than the eye can see

Absence of law

Children continue to fall prey to sexual violence in Pakistan


Bring your own bribe

Take a walk through the long and corrupt path to the visitor’s lounge at Karachi Central Jail

Whose line is it anyway?

The Express Tribune explores problems that are literally standing in the way of these metro buses

For Peshawar

Remembering the 147 who died on December 16, 2014

Aqua Final

There was once a city that sat at the mouth of a river but used tankers, not pipes, to bring water to its people. And then one summer, when even that supply started to run dry they began to wonder why this was happening…

Karachi's Wine Stories

Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol in Pakistan, and so about a hundred wine stores in Karachi only cater to the non-Muslim population — officially



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