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‘Donkeys’ and ‘dunkers’ fuel Punjab trafficking trade


This tool tracks changes in follower count for Pakistani politicians and political parties on Twitter [Updated daily]

Name Current follower count Difference
betterpakistan 958569 1433(0.15%)
TahirulQadri 1556633 1021(0.07%)
smqureshipti 1534248 940(0.06%)
fawadchaudhry 1262158 929(0.07%)
KhawajaMAsif 1275732 594(0.05%)
AseefaBZ 1960327 440(0.02%)
arifalvi 1316090 431(0.03%)
KhSaad_Rafique 1418763 389(0.03%)
BakhtawarBZ 2028803 361(0.02%)
imranismailpti 257943 300(0.12%)

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