Remembering the APS martyrs on the fifth anniversary

The Army Public School was attacked on December 16 by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, who killed 150 people, including over 130 children. Shortly after the assault, the Pakistan Army launched a broad spectrum campaign to eliminate terrorism and so it did. The horror that paralysed Pakistan five years ago remain fresh in the hearts and minds of those who survived. The tragic incident left an indelible mark on the nation and forever changed a city. In 2019, we commemorate the sacrifices of the young APS martyrs who were robbed of their chance to leave a mark on Pakistan.

Remembering APS: A trauma Peshawar simply cannot move past

A gang of militants walked in and sprayed teachers and pupils with volley after volley of bullets, killing more than 140 that morning five years ago.

Little soldier boy, come marching home

He may have been too young to be considered by the military recruitment process, but Asad Aziz was always a soldier at heart.

A wound that cannot heal, a winter that never left

For many parts of the world, December marks a festive time. For others, the wintery month fuels a longing for the spring ahead. In either case, as the world looks ahead to a new year with new resolutions and new beginnings, there is much to rejoice about.

Inseparable in life, inseparable in death

Where there have been several accounts of tragedy associated with the December 2014 attack on Army Public School (APS), there is a lesser-known saga that speaks about motherhood, bereavement, and friendship in the days after the massacre.

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