ET's Football Dugout

Countdown to the World Cup: Groups C and D

In Episode 3 of The Express Tribune’s Football Dugout, we analyse group C of the World Cup.

The group features France, Peru, Australia, and Denmark.

While France should easily sail through, Peru and Denmark stand a good chance too. The June 17 match between the two is crucial on this account.

Countdown to the World Cup: Group Cby Express Tribune's Football Dugout

Group D consists of 2014 finalists Argentina, Croatia, Ireland (who make their first appearance in the competition) and Nigeria, whose kit has grabbed the world's attention.

Argentina's World Cup hope's hinge on Lionel Messi. Does he have what it takes to beat the Croatia's stellar midfield?

All this and more in Episode 4 of ET's Football Dugout

Countdown to the World Cup: Group Dby Express Tribune's Football Dugout

Panel: Ali Hassan Mangi, Azeem Siddiqui, Jam Najaf Ali, Rahima Sohail and Taha Anis

Edited by: Sitara Arshad