A budget is the single most important government measure that affects literally every single citizen of a country. Government employees are eager to hear about raises, while retired civil servants await an increase in pensions. All sectors of the economy hope for taxation relief, while some demand subsidy support. The salaried class looks for a cut in income tax rates, and the unemployed hope for new projects that could potentially earn them a break.

Not much has changed with what people expect in the upcoming budget. But there are several developments and issues that make the budget 2018-19 a significant one for the government as well as the country.

Never has been there so much controversy before the budget speech, to be delivered this time by Dr Miftah Ismail, the adviser to prime minister on finance.

The government will look to take the opportunity to appease an estranged public that it alienated even more after its party chief was dismissed from office and the finance minister declared an absconder. Between the 11 months of the budget announcements, the PML-N has not only lost Nawaz Sharif as prime minister, but Ishaq Dar as the finance minister.

While the National Assembly is set to miss the numbers man run through his speech, the PML-N’s motivation to sway a vote bank that seemingly appears to be alienated at the time remains unaffected.

On the other hand, the opposition has been eager to stop the PML-N from announcing fiscal measures for 2018-19, arguing that its tenure is due to end and the next government should have the right to determine allocations.

Nevertheless, the PML-N will become the first political party to announce six budgets during its tenure, marking a significant milestone for Pakistan that has, as of yet, only seen one democratic government complete its term.

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